Crane Institute of America

An Instructor on the Road

Crane Institute’s instructors travel all the time! One week in Nevada and the next in New York. This was the schedule for Wendell Gray at the beginning of October! But this isn’t about the trials and tribulations of being a traveling instructor. No, it’s about Wendell Gray, who loves to ride his motorcycle!

Wendell Gray poses with his bike by a crane in front of Crane Institute Headquarters.

Wendell is from Alabama and after spending two weeks training and traveling across the United States, he still finds it enjoyable to ride. His most recent ride landed him right here  at Crane Institute Headquarters in Sanford, Florida. This is no coincidence; Sanford is only a 40 minute drive to Daytona, Florida where Biketober Fest is held every year!

Why does Wendell enjoy riding his bike? We don’t know…maybe it’s enjoyable or maybe he just loves to feel his hair blowing in the wind! When we asked, his response was, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand!” Either way, we love to see our instructors having fun!