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Crane Institute Announces the Winners of Cranky & Flynn

Crane Institute of America’s final anniversary promotion has come to an end. Thank you to all those who entered!

Daryn drawing the winning names for the Cranky & Flynn Toy

Daryn from Crane Institute draws the names of the winners!

On December 12, three names were drawn. Congratulations to James Cox, APO; Jessie Smith, FL; and Don Thompson, WA. Your toys will be arriving before Christmas!

Although this promotion means the end of ¬†Crane Institute’s 25th Anniversary, just remember that we look forward to offering our customers another 25 years of excellent service, superior products and training programs geared towards crane operators, inspectors, riggers and signalpersons.

2 thoughts on “Crane Institute Announces the Winners of Cranky & Flynn

  1. James A. Cox

    Thank you for the gift. I will send you a picture of my Grandson playing with it.

    Jim/Barb, this is Andy from Okinawa Japan. I have a question for you concerning the training you offer. I see you now offer Train-The-Trainer Courses. Are the courses only for organizations to train their employees to operate Mobile Cranes, Overhead Hoist & Forklift? Do you offer Train-The Trainer Courses that I can attend and train my employees to inspect Mobile Cranes, Overhead Hoist, Forklift & Rigging Equipment?

    Please advise.

    1. graphics Post author

      Mr. Cox,

      Here at Crane Institute we offer the Train-the-Trainer courses for Operators only. All inspectors are tested and certified by us individually.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Barbara Weedin
      Seminar Coordinator

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