Crane Institute of America

Multi-Purpose EPDC Chairman Named!

Bill Schofield - The New EPDC Chairman

Bill Schofield, a technical consultant to Crane Institute of America, Sanford, Fla., has filled the chairperson position for the Multi-Purpose Equipment Program Development Committee. This committee oversees item writing and practical exam development for operator certifications for digger derricks, articulating boom cranes, and service/mechanics trucks. Schofield was heavily involved in program development and oversaw several pilot tests for these programs.

Schofield has more than 20 years of experience in the operation, inspection, testing, repair, and training of all types of material handling equipment. In 2010, he received Honorable Mention recognition as a Top Trainer for Crane Institute of America by Crane & Rigging Hot Line magazine. He has been a member of the CIC Advisory Board since 2008.