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Crane Institute Trainers Participate in In-Service Education, Charitable Projects


Mary Cooper of Engaging Outcomes pictured with Crane Institute Training Specialists at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

August 24, 2015 (Sanford, Fla.) – Crane Institute of America (CIA) held its annual in-service training meeting for its 15 training specialists at the company’s headquarters June 30-July 2, 2015. “The purpose of our annual meeting is to keep our trainers apprised of the latest standards and regulations and provide skills development to increase their effectiveness in delivering training to our customers,” said Jim Headley, President.

“Our training is student-centered, not instructor-centered, which requires our trainers to be knowledgeable enough to meet the diverse needs of our students,” explained Headley.  “We pride ourselves in communicating complex information in a simple format which is easy to understand and apply.”

To help build on trainers’ existing knowledge and skills, Mary Cooper, former Disney executive and founder of a national training company called Engaging Outcomes, presented “Tips for Your Training Toolbox.” Emphasis was placed on helping trainers get students actively engaged in learning and how to make training interesting, relevant, and useful. Crane Institute trainers came away energized by the new training skills learned and eager to put them into practice.

In addition to instructor skills development, Crane Institute trainers, who often spend considerable time on the road as part of their job, participated in business travel safety training presented by the Florida Department of Transportation and Great Escapes Travel.  Topics included the causes and results of distracted driving, railroad crossing awareness, and international travel safety procedures.

CIA’s ongoing commitment to promote a safe working environment and meet in-house OSHA safety requirements was fulfilled by instructors participating in its annual review of policies and procedures.  Instructors revisited a variety of topics including risk assessment, first aid, HAZCOM, blood borne pathogens, and employee conduct which are relevant at headquarters and at client locations. These procedures help provide a consistent guide of safety to CIA staff and clients.


CIA staff work together preparing meals for hungry children in Honduras.

Instructors were introduced to new management level program curriculum for Lift Director, Lift Planner, and Assembly/Disassembly Director, which were rolled out during the first quarter of 2015. The courses extend beyond basic compliance and provide best practices designed around industry ASME B30.5 standards, and cover additional topics such as hazard identification, special operations, planning and communication, and safety protocols.

Finally, more than 30 Crane Institute staff and instructors set time aside during the week-long in-service meeting to give back to the community. Feeding Children Everywhere is a hunger relief organization located in Central Florida. Working together in assembly line fashion, Crane Institute volunteers packed meals to feed 5,184 people in less than an hour—a process that usually takes twice that time, according to Feeding Children Everywhere leaders.

About Crane Institute
For almost 30 years Crane Institute of America, Sanford, Fla., has offered training for operators, inspectors, safety managers, lift directors, and riggers and signalpersons working with mobile cranes, overhead cranes, tower cranes, aerial lift and forklifts. It is an authorized CIC written and practical exam testing site.

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  1. Praveen

    Yes, It is very necessary to have a annual meeting for every company to build on professional trainers knowledge and skills. Keeping them aware of the latest standards & rules. It is a great work been done by you & all CIA staff for the needful people. Truely appreciable

  2. Roland -

    If an accident happen like the one it did in Saudi. Who are the one to blame? The teachers? The construction organisation? Certainly not the contractors company if they have met the standard. What do you suggest we should do? I think, this is accident no more as it has happen too many.

  3. Natalie Darcy

    It is interesting that there are events like this for crane training specialists. This is a really helpful piece of equipment, but we need to be safe with them so that nobody gets hurt on or around them. This is why I think it’s great that they go to such great lengths to ensure that people know how to operate these machines properly. It also creates a sense of unity for these people, which is pretty cool.

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