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Certification/Qualification Video FAQs

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What does OSHA require for crane operators to operate cranes?

Does a crane operator need a certain number of hours operating a crane to earn a nationally accredited certification?

Is CIC recognized in all states as a nationally accredited certification?

Does OSHA require a nationally accredited certification for riggers and signalpersons?

How does one become a CIC Practical Examiner?

¿Que es lo que requiere OSHA de los operadores de grua, para operar gruas?

¿Yo, necesito alguna cantidad de horas operando gruas, antes de poder conseguir la certificacion acreditada nacional?

¿Cual es la diferencia entre la certificacion de operador de grua y la qualificacion de operador grua?

¿Es CIC reconocido en todos los estados como una certificacion acreditada nacional?

¿Como OSHA determinara si un Aparejador es qualificado?

¿OSHA require certificacion acreditada nacional para los aparejadores y señalizadores?

¿Cual es la diferencia entre un aparejador basico y un aparejador avansado?

¿Cuantos examenes tienen que coger un operador para certificarse con CIC?

What is the benefit of certification? According to OSHA all crane operators need to be certified by 2014. Even at the present time, many states have certification requirements already.

Where can I take exams? The online registration will match you to the closest location.

When can I take exams? Most of our centers are open Monday – Friday, 9 to 5. Some locations have extended and weekend hours. The online registration provides the hours and addresses of the exam centers.

When do I get my results? Written exams taken online are scored immediately; paper-based Written Exams and Practical Exams are scored and results emailed within 10 days. You will receive your certification card approximately 10 days after all certification requirements are filled.

How do I apply for certification? Follow the easy-to-use online registration.

How do I request a replacement Certification Card? An operator certified by CIC may request a replacement certification card from CIC by calling 770-783-9262. Crane Institute Certification mails replacement cards within two weeks and charges $25 to produce and mail a new certification card.