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Tower Crane Inspector & Operator

Tower Crane Safety & Inspector CertificationThis is the ideal training program for companies wanting to perform their own on-site tower crane inspections and for third-party inspectors wanting to increase their knowledge and skill. The latest OSHA and ASME tower crane standards are thoroughly covered, inspection checklists are provided and students learn how to properly document the inspection. Inspector and operator certifications, which will provide additional credentials, are available for those that qualify.

Training: 4 Days / $ 995 Register Now

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  • CIA Operator Qualification Card – FREE
  • CIA Inspector Certification Card – $295

Training Locations & Dates:

  • Sanford (Orlando) - October 10 - 13, 2017
  • Sanford (Orlando) - November 28 - December 01, 2017

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We have arranged for participants to receive discounted hotel rates. When making hotel reservations, please identify yourself as a Crane Institute of America training program attendee.

Equipment Covered:

  • Fixed Jib Tower Cranes
  • Luffing Jib Tower Cranes
  • Self Erecting


    LEARN HOW TO Apply The Following Topics:

  • Types of tower cranes, components & terminology
  • Causes & results of tower crane accidents
  • Inspector’s role in reducing crane accidents & liability exposure
  • Setting up a tower crane inspection program
  • OSHA & ASME pre-operational, monthly and annual inspection requirements
  • The three levels of inspection
  • Inspection procedures and techniques
  • Recognizing and understanding the differences between deficiencies & safety hazards
  • Correct way to write inspection reports that provides the proper documentation
  • Inspecting structural components, sheaves, blocks, hooks, operating mechanisms, electrical systems, wire rope, operational aids, and safety devices
  • Emphasis is placed on the structural, mechanical, electrical, and safety/liability areas of inspection
  • When to perform a non-destructive crack detection test
  • Performing load tests
  • Crane setup and recognizing site hazards
  • Safe operating practices and procedures
  • Safety procedures for working tower cranes near power lines
  • Hand and voice signals
  • Hoisting personnel
  • Basic rigging procedures

Certification/Qualification Requirements:

Operator Qualification Requirements

  • Complete a Crane Institute of America Tower Crane Inspector & Operator training program.
  • Pass written exams.
  • Document at least 3 years experience as the designated operator of tower cranes. (A trainee qualification will be issued to applicants with less experience).
  • Meet ASME B30.3 physical qualifications for fixed and luffing jib tower cranes.
  • Meet ASME B30.29 physical qualifications for self-erecting tower cranes.

Inspector Certification Requirements

  • Complete a Crane Institute of America Tower Crane Inspector & Operator training program.
  • Pass a written examination.
  • Have three (3) years tower crane experience, working in a capacity of operation, maintenance, repair, inspection, safety or supervision. (A trainee certification will be issued to applicants with less experience).
  • Possess the physical ability to perform inspections on tower cranes.

You Will Receive...

  • Handbook Rigging
  • Tower Crane Inspector Workbooks (includes applicable OSHA/ASME standards, load charts, annual inspection checklists, etc.)
  • Tower Crane Operator Workbooks (includes applicable OSHA/ASME standards, load charts, pre-operational inspection checklists, etc.)
  • Wire Rope Inspection Card
  • Hand Signal Card
  • Rigger’s Capacity Card
  • Inspection Certificate Decal
  • Certificate of Training