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An Interview with a Crane Operator: Scholarship Winner

This month’s interview is with Johnathan Camp of Crane Rental Corporation in Orlando, Fla. Camp was the winner of the 2012 Florida Crane Owner’s Council (FCOC) Johnathan Camp, scholarship winner, at Crane Institute of AmericaScholarship. He won a free Mobile Crane Operator 4-day training program from Crane Institute of America (CIA) and free Mobile Crane Operator written and practical certification exams from Crane Institute Certification (CIC) valuing over $1,800. 

CIA: What was your reaction to receiving the Florida Crane Owner’s Council Scholarship?
Camp: I was very honored for being considered and really enjoyed my time here at Crane Institute. When I need more certifications, I will be back. Thanks for everything!

CIA: What was your overall impression of the Mobile Crane Operator Training Program?
Camp: Very informative and at a pace where if you have questions, they take the time to answer and do not carry on with class until everyone understands.

CIA: Do you feel the instructor was knowledgeable?
Camp: I believe Tom R. was very knowledgeable and extremely professional.

CIA: Do you feel like you were prepared to take the CIC Nationally Accredited Exams?
Camp: Yes, I believe so. More nervous about the hands-on, but I believe I did pretty good!

CIA: How do you think you would have done  had you taken the exams “cold-turkey?”
Camp: 50/50. There was stuff on the exams that I didn’t know and stuff that I did.

CIA: Did you find yourself studying back home to prepare?
Camp: No hardcore studying, just brushing up on the material.

CIA: Do you have any advice to those in the industry that might be considering taking certification exams?
Camp: I would advise them to come to the Crane Institute of America. Very professional and intelligent.

After the interview, Camp went on to say that he learned a lot of things that he didn’t know and gained more in depth understanding of the things he already knew.

We would like to thank Mr. Camp one more time for allowing us to give this interview, and again, congratulations on the scholarship!

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