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Overhead Crane Operators Must Be Certified

OSHA 1926 Subpart CC applies to all cranes and derricks used in construction. Although mobile cranes are the most common cranes used in construction there are those times when an overhead crane makes sense. On this job it was important not to block traffic while constructing the elevated portion of the Washington DC Subway extension.

Overhead cranes used in construction would be regulated by section 1438 of the Subpart CC which identifies other sections, 1910.179 and the 2005 ASME B30.2 by incorporation. The most significant change is the requirements for “Operator Certification in section 1427. By November 2014 operators of overhead cranes used in construction must be certified.

Bill Schofield, Instructor

If you have any questions regarding OSHA compliance, you may contact Bill at 1-800-832-2726.