Crane Institute of America

Attention: Mobile Crane Trainers.

Those who attend a Mobile Crane Trainer program with Crane Institute of America, Inc. may purchase training materials at deep discounted prices. Materials include workbooks, handbooks and DVDs. Call Ann at 800-832-2726 and press 3 for more information on pricing and how to order.

Crane Institute of America, Inc. is now offering the Mobile Crane Operator program for lease to Trainers. The program is the same used by Crane Institute Instructors. For more information on leasing the slideshow program, please contact Barbara at 800-832-2726 and press 1.

Not a Trainer? No problem, sign up for one of our training programs and become a Mobile Crane Trainer.

Training Schedule:
April 23-May 1, 2012
July 30-August 7, 2012

Training held in Sanford, Florida at the Crane Institute of America, Inc. Headquarters.