Crane Institute of America

Bantam Crane

20141226_144029TLow ResWhile vacationing, the Headleys decided to head to Bentonville, AR to tour the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – an excursion that Mrs. Headley was particularly looking forward to. So the family loaded into the car, with Jim driving, and off they went. As they’re trucking down the road, something catches Jim’s eye. Not long after, the family has pulled off the road and is standing before an antique crane.

As Jim and his son are checking it out and snapping pictures, a beat up dump truck approaches. Mike Lewis, of Lewis Construction Company, gets out a heads towards Jim for an introduction. The two men spoke at length about the Schield Bantam crane. Lewis shared that it was built in 1951 or 1953 and any other details that he knew about the machine. Believe it or not, Lewis still uses the crane on the job.

After what seemed like hours to the Mrs., the family took their leave and continued their journey to the museum. However, isn’t it amazing how someone can begin their day one way, but an unexpected detour can bring them to a real treasure from American history?

Bantam Combined