Crane Institute of America

CIC Annual Meeting

Crane Institute Certification (CIC) recently completed its annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. In addition to executing its normal governance responsibilities, members’ expertise was utilized by their participation in various break out groups covering testing and compliance requirements.

Board members also had the privilege to hear guest speaker, Fraser Cocks, Executive Director of the British Columbia Association of Crane Safety (BCACS). Mr. Cocks informed the CIC board of the history of the BCACS crane operator program and explained the process the BCACS uses to test crane operators. The process, similar to new OSHA requirements, is type and capacity based in British Columbia.

Just a reminder, November 8, 2014 is the deadline for mobile crane operators to be certified. Please call Crane Institute of America (CIA) at 800.832.2726 to register for preparatory training and CIC testing.

Peter Cook with Debbie Dickinson at the 2013 CIC Meeting

Peter Cook of Columbus McKinnon with CIC Executive Director, Debbie Dickinson.

Fraser Cocks, Jim Headley and Gunnar Mardon at the 2013 CIC Meeting

From Left: Fraser Cocks, BCACS; Jim Headley, CIA; Gunnar Mardon, BCACS.