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Crane Institute of America “Does Well by Doing Good”

Together Crane team links with Feeding Children Everywhere to pack meals to help feed the world’s hungry

IMG_5390TC03lowJuly 17, 2015 (Sanford, Fla.) – Celebrating the Fourth of July holiday week this year was more meaningful than ever for the Crane Institute of America team.  On June 30, 2015, the team of training specialists and corporate office staff worked side-by-side at a meal-packing event with Feeding Children Everywhere, a hunger relief organization located in Central Florida.

The meal-packing event, sponsored by Crane Institute of America, took place during the first day of their annual in-service training. As the 30-member-strong Crane team donned green hairnets (required in order to keep the food uncontaminated), Feeding Children Everywhere leader, Marcus Mennenga, offered a brief orientation to the group, thanked them for participating and shared some startling statistics. “The good news is that the world produces enough food to feed everyone on the planet,” said Mennenga.  “The bad news?  Some 16,000 children die every day from starvation. This is a very big problem and by what you are doing today, you’re chipping away at it.”

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The Crane Institute team was divided into two groups with each assembling packages of nutritious meals at record-breaking speed. Two long rows of tables covered with bins of rice, lentils, pink Himalayan salt and dehydrated vegetables were surrounded by the energetic teams, who egged each other on in a spirit of good-natured competition as they scooped and bagged the meals.

By the time all was said and done, Crane Institute’s team had assembled enough meals to feed 5,184 of the world’s hungry people.  And they did it in record time!  They packed with such efficiency that what normally takes nearly two hours took only 45 minutes!  Working together as a team, they contributed toward the important cause of alleviating world hunger by providing five children with three healthy meals per day for year.

And the Crane Institute team loved every minute of it.

“I thought it was a fantastic thing.  We had a little competition going to see who could pack meals the fastest, which made it even more fun,” said Crane Institute training specialist Kenny Adams.  He added, “It was a great time for all the employees doing something together that we knew would be beneficial to kids around the world.”  Another staff member agrees.  “Who knew helping others could be so much fun!  It was a great experience and truly humbling, especially when I realized one meal packet can feed six people.

For Crane Institute, what is commonly referred to as good “corporate citizenship” isn’t a contrived program intended to make the company look good.  Giving is a deeply held value.  Jim Headley, CEO and his wife Susan, CFO started the company in1987 and the business has steadily prospered for nearly 30 years. The company continues to do very well and for that, they are very grateful.  Participating in charitable causes on a regular basis is simply an expression of that gratitude according to this husband and wife team.

“As business owners, we give because we have been blessed and believe that sharing that blessing with others is the right thing to do,” said Jim Headley.  “Whether or not it helps the company’s bottom line is incidental.   And by doing so, we are creating a culture in which our team knows that it’s the norm for us to give as a company. It’s incredibly satisfying to see them get so engaged in the process of giving, and I think it means a lot to them that we do this together as a team.“

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