Crane Institute of America

Houston and Chicago Rodeo Results!

The week of September 10th brought back-to-back  Regional Qualifier Crane Operator Rodeos.

Winners of the Houston Regional Rodeo.

September 12 the Rodeo was held in Houston with sponsor Webber, LLC at Four Seasons Equipment Rental. The turnout was GREAT, and the Texas BBQ, delicious! John Blackenship of Deep South Crane & Rigging was awarded first place and Joe Cowen III of Alliance Crane placed second!



Winners of the Chicago Regional Rodeo.

That weekend, September 15, was the Chicago Rodeo held at Local 150 IUOE. Once again, a wonderful turnout and this time Jason George of CG Enterprises had the best time, ranking him number 1 and John Rickert of Local 150 IUOE came in at second!

Crane Operators at Local 150 IUOE Waiting for their turn to compete!

Stay posted for the results of the Phoenix Rodeo





Congratulations to the Houston and Chicago Regional Rodeo Winners! See you in Orlando, October 27-28, 2012!