Crane Institute of America

Mobile Crane Operator Training – Not Just for Operators

Barbara in Mobile Crane Operator Program

Seminar Coordinator, Barbara Weedin, attending the Mobile Crane Operator Training Program April 8-10, 2014.

If you ever call our office and need to register for a program or learn more about certification testing, you have probably spoken to Barbara. Last week the students of the Mobile Crane Operator Training Program got to see another side of her, a student!

Barbara’s attendance of the program is an effort to better serve our customers. Our headquarters near Orlando, Florida serves as both a training facility and written/practical exam site for CIC nationally accredited certifications. We strive to make the Crane Institute experience as pleasant as possible to keep our students at ease when testing. Now, when you speak with Barbara, she knows first-hand how it feels to be in the shoes of the student.

Not only has the training reinforced her knowledge of mobile cranes, but to the stress and anxiety some may feel when testing. It is with these types of experiences Barbara and other office personnel have that make Crane Institute customer service unparalleled.