Crane Institute of America

Mobile Crane Simulator Training


Mobile Crane Operator Training Program using Vortex VxAdvantage Simulator at our Orlando headquarters.

Crane Institute is proud to announce Vortex Simulator training during Mobile and Tower Crane Operator programs.

Simulator training is not a new concept to Crane Institute but has recently been enhanced with the Vortex VxAdvantage Simulator by CM Labs. This is the same kind of simulator used by competitors at the 2014 Crane Operator Skills Championships earlier this year at CONEXPO.

The simulator is equipped with 3 large HD screens which display mobile, crawler and tower crane simulations. Scenarios included are working near power lines, constructing buildings, and assembling tower cranes.

CM Labs takes great pride in the realistic experience their simulators bring to training. A perfect solution for operators that wish to reinforceĀ learning, including beginner through advanced graduated exercises, performance metrics, navigation aids and certification-level scenarios. Come to an Orlando Mobile Crane Operator and Tower Crane Operator Training Program and take your hand at the joystick.


Learning for your mistakes is easier when accidents are simulated.

Learning from your mistakes is easier when accidents are simulated.


Simulator includes a 3 HD screens, 2 joysticks, and an LMI to complete the experience.