Crane Institute of America

National Rodeo Champion Announced

From left: Mark Adcock (first runner-up); John Seach (second runner-up); Greg Eldridge (third runner-up); and Jesse Pettit (2012 Crane Rodeo Champion)

The moment everyone has been waiting for. . .The winner of the National Crane Operator Rodeo is announced!


On October 27 in Davenport, Fla. the 10 winners of the Regional Rodeos from all over the U.S. competed for the title of the 2012 Crane Rodeo Champion! The events they competed in where a hybrid of what they had originally experienced at Regionals! Boom lengths were longer, Pipe Event was modified to include a dunk and let’s not forget about the constant wind from Hurricane Sandy just offshore the east coast of Florida! At the end of the day only one competitor was allowed to be called the 2012 Crane Rodeo Champion!

Congratulations to Jesse Pettit of Maxim Crane in Phoenix, Ariz.