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Our Handbook Rigging Scores Big

Crane_Hoist_ RiggingCrane Institute of America would like to congratulate Convergence Training for winning the 2014 ISHN Reader’s Choice Award for Best Safety Training Product for their Crane and Hoist Rigging Safety program.

Crane Institute has been a distributor for Convergence Training since the inception of the program. Crane and Hoist Rigging Safety is based on our very own Rigging handbook by James Headley.

The training time for the program is 32 minutes and packed full of useful information needed to safely secure rigging for crane lifts. Both OSHA’s general and construction industry regulations are covered, including the qualified rigger requirement in construction.

Program Topics Include:

• Sling materials
• Types of hitches
• Sling angles
• Load stability and tag lines

Order your Crane and Hoist Rigging Safety today.

Don’t forget to get the book the program was based on, Rigging.

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