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So you think being an instructor is easy?

Just three weeks ago Crane Institute brought all the instructors to the headquarters near Orlando, Florida. It is here that the instructors become the students! Meetings facilitated by James Headley and Bill Schofield included ensuring instructors know and understand current regulations and practices and reviewing programs to better fit the needs of the students.

Instructors of Crane Institute

(Back Row from Left to Right) Monte Simonton, Wendell Gray, Tom Robinson, Ken Schroeder, Larry McGough, Gary Coates, Kenny Adams, Frank Carter, Randy Spaulding and Tom Akey. (Front Row from Left to Right) Winton Hancock, Henry Lopez, Carl Whitaker, James Headley, and Bill Schofield

One thought on “So you think being an instructor is easy?

  1. Ron Ross

    Thanks CIA!

    I just wanted to thank Winton Hancock for doing a Great Job the last two weeks with all of us new Practical Examiners/Certified Operators. You covered ALL the material in an easy to understand way, allowed for very educational conversations and answered all our questions. I hope we meet again. Thank the Auburn Fellow for me too, he’s not bad for an SEC fan. 🙂 Jim you have a GREAT organization there. And thanks Barbara for your tolerance of all us confused students, your assistance was invaluable.

    THANKS to ALL of CIA
    Ron Ross
    Director of Safety/Training
    The Crom Corporation

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