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Ukraine – Cranes Assist in Chernobyl’s Containment

ChernobylArchA structure resembling something from a science fiction movie is being built in Chernobyl, Ukraine. This impressive arch is being assembled to cover the remains of the Chernobyl power plant’s reactor number 4 in the continued effort to contain and cleanse the area from a catastrophic disaster over 28 years ago.

Four tower cranes and several mobile cranes are assembling sections of the arch on-site. Once assembled, overhead cranes will be mounted to the under belly of the arch to be used later in the dismantling of the decaying nuclear power plant. The completed massive structure will be pushed on Teflon pads to encompass the existing plant.

Once in place, the arch will serve as a tomb to encase whatever radio active material is still emitting from the plant. It will limit human exposure now and for future generations.

Watch a computer simulation of the projected plans.

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