Crane Institute of America

CIC is Offering Certification Exam Discounts at CONEXPO

Call 763-476-4242 to register for Crane Institute of America Certification (CIC) certification exams that fully meet OSHA requirements for accredited crane operator certification and qualification for riggers and signalpersons. For CONEXPO attendees and crane and rigging professionals in Las Vegas, CIC is giving discounts on NCCA accredited, OSHA endorsed, written exams:


  • Rigger (Basic) & Signalperson, (reg. $149): $99
  • Advanced Rigger (reg. $155):  $99
  • Mobile Crane Operator Certification (reg. $155):  $135
    General Knowledge (Core) & (1) Supplement (specialty)

No rush or late registration fees; no proctor or site fees.