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Forklifts Working in Tandem

dual forkliftHandling a load with one forklift may not be complicated, but handling a load with two forklifts can be very complicated. This job required two forklifts and a scissor lift working together in close proximity to each other. It would seem simple enough to unhook and lower this dragster to the floor, but the forklifts don’t work in unison. The difference in the lowering speed of each forklift could cause the dragster to fall from the forks.

The task would require the forklifts to be positioned under the dragster in a manner that would prevent damaging as well as balancing the vehicle. At the direction of a signalperson, the forklifts would raise the dragster to take the weight of the hangers. Then, it would be disconnected. Finally, the signal person would observe and control the descent of each forklift.

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