Crane Institute of America

Load Testing on Barge Mounted Cranes

Ship LTCranes are intended to be set-up on firm, level ground. The rules change when cranes are placed on a ship or barge. Cranes mounted on unstabilized, non-jacked ships can create a major problem.

As a barge mounted crane lifts a load, the barge will push down into the water creating list or trim, causing the crane to become unlevel. Special load charts are available that compensate for up to 5°. Additional ballasts or counterweight are required to level the barge so as not to exceed the 5° allowance.

While the heavy lift vessel, BBC Coral, was commissioning her cranes, something went wrong. The two cranes mounted on the deck were being load tested by lifting a ballast pontoon. The pontoon dropped, half on the deck and half on the dock, ripping one crane from its pedestal.

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