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Scaffolding Safety: Do you Properly Bridge the Gap?

Wrong ScaffoldingEver take a short cut or use equipment improperly in order to get the job done faster?

In most cases, shortcuts are unsafe and not any more efficient. Shortcuts are more about not selecting the right equipment or improperly using the right equipment than they are about efficiency. Tools and equipment are designed for specific purpose, and equipment used for anything other than its intended purpose becomes dangerous.

Scissor lifts are intended to provide a safe platform for workers at a higher elevation. Standing on the mid-rail or the top rail, or working from a ladder stationed on a scaffolding platform is never safe.

A properly planned job will select a scissors lift with enough reach to do the job. Wood planked putlogs can safely be used to create a work platform deck for scaffolding, a walkway, or to bridge sections of scaffolding. Putlog end connections are curved to fit over the platform to secure it to a horizontal scaffolding tube, unlike the picture provided.

For more information on scaffolding and fall protection safety, check out our Scaffolding Safety Field Guide.