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The World’s Highest Aerial Lift

Does it Come with a Parachute?

Ruthmann, a German-based company, brags they manufacture the world’s highest reach Aerial Lift with a distance of 328 feet. The Steiger TTS1000 is a Vehicle Mounted (trailer) Aerial Lift that is used to get personnel on tall things like wind turbines.

Reaching these kinds of elevations is possible by utilizing several features found on Telescoping Boom Cranes. The base is a telescoping boom with a telescoping luffing jib. There is a personnel basket attached to a short fixed length luffing jib. The telescoping luffing jib can be positioned in line with the telescoping boom for maximum reach. The short luffing jib can luff 180º to better position the personnel basket .

Genie and JLG are competing for the world’s highest reach Extensible (telescoping) Boom Aerial Lift at 185 feet so far. The big difference in height has to do with how the aerial lifts function. The Steiger is setup level on outriggers with a long span giving it a lot of resistance from turning over. In comparison, the Genie and JLG Industries have far less resistance to turning over because they are expected to travel around the job site and they are setup on tires.

Video Source: Ruthmann Steiger

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