Crane Institute of America

Rigging Programs

rigger certification
Qualified Rigger/Signalperson (2 Days)

This Basic Rigging and Signaling class is an excellent preparation for taking CIC certification exams as a qualified rigger and signal person. Anyone in construction or an industrial and maintenance craftsmen that uses rigging will benefit from this program.

Master Rigger (1 Day)

This is an excellent class for learning advanced rigger techniques. Our Qualified Rigger/Signalperson class is a prerequisite to taking this class.  Master Rigger is scheduled on consecutive days so you can attend both classes in the same week. Ideal for preparing to take CIC certification exams and becoming a nationally accredited certified Qualified Rigger/Signalperson!

Rigging Equipment Inspector, Hands-On (2 Days)

Participants will learn how to inspect all types of rigging equipment in accordance with OSHA and ASME requirements. Inspector certification will ensure that the inspector is competent and qualified.

NOTE: Our Qualified Rigger/Signalperson, Master Rigger,  & Rigging Equipment Inspector programs are scheduled on consecutive days so you can attend all programs in one week