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Interview with a CIA Certified Trainer: The Complete Package

Our interview this month was with Barney Shorter of Crane Training Group. The interview was focused on the ‘Complete Package’ offer. This offer entails:

Barney Shorter, Crane Training Group. CIA Certified Trainer and CIC Authorized Practical Examiner

• Train-the-Trainer Mobile Cranes, where you can learn to train and prepare students to take certification exams.
• Online Training Program, being a CIA certified trainer makes you eligible to use our online training program for use in your training.
• CIC Authorized Practical Examiner, allows you to give practical exams to the students you just trained.

Barney Shorter; CIA Certified Mobile Crane Trainer and CIC Authorized Practical Examiner

CIA:  What training programs have you attended with Crane Institute (CIA)?
Shorter:  Well I’ve attended the Train-the-Trainer program; I’ve done the operator training program and I’ve done the Practical Examiner Training.

CIA:  Was the training on mobile cranes?
Shorter:  Yes, mobile cranes.

CIA:  Have you been trained on other equipment; overhead cranes, rigging?
Shorter:  No overhead, no rigging, but I’ve gotten certified on every discipline from the 0-21 ton, 21-75 ton, over 75 ton, lattice boom carrier and lattice boom crawler so we can train just about everybody on any mobile crane.

CIA:  As a CIA certified mobile crane trainer, have you taken advantage of the ‘Complete Package’ offer?
Shorter:  Absolutely, I was in the training in the beginning of August last year, and I guess that’s 5 months ago and I’ve probably trained well over 130 people in 5 months, in every discipline; small, medium and large telescoping boom cranes and I’ve given practicals to just about everyone of those students.

CIA:  Do you feel the ‘Complete Package’ meets your needs as a trainer?
Shorter:  As far as the Train-the-Trainer program I went to, it was excellent. Winton was my instructor. We went over the specifics of the program and the technical aspects of the crane, load charts, setup and safety as well as all the psycho-metrics of teaching as well. So it was a 2 part course where 3/4 was about the specifics of mobile cranes and the end section was about – I think it was called – Psycho-metrics of Teaching which was really cool and not only about the crane and what to teach, but how to teach people and how to facilitate a program.

CIA:  Do you feel our program adequately prepares your students for certification testing?
Shorter:  It walks the student right along with the workbook so the materials that support the software program, they go hand-in-hand. It’s basically exactly what you’re taught when you come to the Train-the-Trainer. It keeps it all consistent and organized.

CIA:  Would you recommend our ‘Complete Package’ offer to others?
Shorter:  Sure…I recommend it all the time. You know anyone that’s in the business that has to provide certification training for any kind of operator, not just mobile crane operators, but your rigging and signaling program. I don’t do that personally but I would recommend that as well. Both of them are really worth the while.

CIA:  Any additional thoughts or comments regarding the ‘Complete Package’ offer?
Shorter:  It’s a 10-day program and I would encourage the people going to take the Train-the-Trainer to also do the Practical Examiners Program. So in total you have the 7 day Train-the-Trainer Program for Mobile Cranes and the 3 day Practical Examiner. So when you leave you can provide the full service to anybody that needs to be certified.

We would like to thank Mr. Shorter one more time for allowing us to give and share this interview.

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